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Jeannie Fiit chicksI was someone who tried everything to get my weight under control – with no real consistent results and achievements gained.

I started training back in 2010 – and that’s where my real Health and Fitness Journey began. I have been clean eating since and training each week to get my results.

I have learned to have a balanced life and have been able to achieve a loss of over 30kg and over 100cms by changing my lifestyle. I still have been on holidays with the family, enjoyed social outings and functions and enjoyed some treats along the way. I have successfully completed City to Surf each year, 5km fun runs (and I use to hate running!) and many other fitness events along the way.

After many many months of being told not to focus on the scales – I have also learnt that “IT WILL HAPPEN”, as long as you put the effort in, you will succeed.


Transformation-Pics-KaylaThe 12 week Fiit Chick Transformation challenge has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

I have managed to lose 30cm overall, I feel a confidence that I never had before, and I feel fitter then ever with knowing I always have room to grow in my fitness.  Each week through the challenge I couldn’t wait to head to boot camp, to work better and harder every time, and I still cannot wait to continue and reach even higher goals!

I absolutely love going to boot camp as I know I am always going to get a great workout and the people there are all aspiring for the same thing, health, fitness, and a happiness derived from exercise! Nobody said it was easy, but you cannot give up on yourself, think of all the weeks, months, and years you have abused your body, it’s time to give it what it needs and deserves. I honestly think I would still be unhappy with myself today if I hadn’t found you 3 months ago, you have truly helped me find myself again 🙂 Patience and Persistence, that’s all it took.


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Transformation-Pics-Laura10kgI found FiiT Chicks just over a year ago but my journey hasn’t always been an easy one.  I did fall off the wagon more than once, but that has just made my transformation even sweeter. I had already been changing my diet ever so slightly- giving up dairy, but was in no shape to start my transformation alone. I had no confidence in my body or myself to become the best version of me. I lacked the courage to take the first steps myself, as I didn’t think I could look good ever. I was a super picky eater, and wasn’t so willingly to jump right into it. I thought  that my body shape, not matter how slim/fit, I would never look good. How I was wrong!! My wide hips (although naturally still more child bearing) are so much slimmer than I’d ever thought! FiiT Chicks not only gave me the information I needed but gave me support, motivation and guidance. I am still a fussy eater but eat foods I previously thought I hated, I now enjoy! Food decisions these days are easily a healthier option. I find nourishing my body is far more enjoyable and has longer lasting effects, than some crappy junk food. I lost 9.8kgs and over 33cms from my body during this time, but what I love most is i’v gained confidence. I’m a happy, more outgoing person thanks to FiiT Chicks. I know I couldn’t have continued my transformation without them 🙂 I feel more energetic, happier, healthier and more confident within myself.


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I have been on a incredible journey. I did lose a lot of weight in the first 6 weeks, and I do feel that i have become stronger and fitter. It has been hard work and i have learned that it takes hard work to get results.

I have eaten 90% clean over the weeks but since xmas i think was when i went a bit downhill. Still struggling to lose the stomach but i do have children and do believe with more work and determination it will also go. I find it a lot easier getting up at 5:30am now and just jump out of bed in the mornings.

Currently i feel i have achieved good results but do wish i had done a bit better.

I am amazed at the support i have received from friends and family it has been a journey which i would recommend to anyone. Thank you for the opportunity.


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